Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoe luck

Have had a bit of oppy luck lately with my shoes. I went into Savers on Monday hoping to find some runners- hello! There they were, $7. Not for running, of course, just for wearing with trackies, so I look sporty haha. And a cool pink.

Added some more vintage books to my collection. The May Gibbs one is very popular with the Little Miss. I have serious Jean Greenhowe collection now, with no intention of making any toys, just looking and collecting. And kids quilts are always fun.

My sewing this week, as all the ABBA costumes are done, (and pics will be posted after the performances on Thursday) are 2 of these dolls, for Little Miss's friends birthday presents. I hope I do the pattern justice, Jhoanna makes these look gorgeous!

Also a few new things for my market at ThreadDen this Sunday.

Oh, and another new thing...err...clean thing actually. A spunky hair cute and new collar and lead for my little boy. A bit more masculine than the pink and blue one he had. His purple vinyl coat with go beautifully (when his mum finally gets around to making it that is!)

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Unknown said...

Good luck on Sunday , your last stall looked really good !