Saturday, August 1, 2009

To market To market

Today was a fun day the the Yarraville Market, setting up my first market stall! Thanks to all the lovely bloggers I've met and chatted too since starting this blog, my confidence has soared and I was ready to get out there.
I went expecting to sell nothing but meet some people, and I was not disappointed, in fact, a few of my favourite fabrics (made into tees and quilts) are now in new homes.

We had a lovely neighbour, Kate who helped me out when food and nature called me and Little Miss.
This gorgeous card was bought, many others were too cute as well, Kasey has heaps of handmade cards and does Stampin Up! Workshops.

Kate sold Little Miss this cute card, which has been written in and given to me for being a great mum (awww!).

Little Miss has the class cheetah Alfie for the weekend, who came and helped out with Cubby, whom we adopted from Australia Zoo.

I'll be there next month, and hopefully a few after. Come and say hi, like Curlypops, Tinniegirl and Meg's Threads did. SewHum was there, as was Totally Innocent (fab organisation) and others I didn't get a chance to meet this time.
The first Sat of the month is proving busy, but make time for lots of cool handmade things, and yummy breakfasts and lunches. This blog may help you out, or pick your own. We'll see you there?
Oh, by the way, next Sunday is the first market for Thread Den- i'll be there, with heaps of others, undercover and all handmade! Yay!


Cindy said...

Hope to make it to the Tread den - the stall looks super

Nikki said...

Congratulations on the decision, the preparation and the doing of your first market stall. Great to hear it was a success!

Angie said...

Glad to hear it went well, and good luck for the next one (hope you have enough stuff left so you are not up every night this week!)

Thanks for your congratulations.

Anonymous said...

oh thanks for the plug!!
It was great having you there...looking forward to September....yay!