Friday, December 18, 2009

Things (like a walk in the park)....

Zips. Ridiculous. I have more zips than I will ever use in a lifetime. All thrifted or free. So I can't say no. Or be accused of spending my money on crap.

Xmas- here are the prep teachers thank you pressies, heaps of fun to make. 5 purses to go....

Another helpful Xmas elf gave me a discount voucher, so this yummy fabric can be made into cool accessories for little Miss, I think. Or me.

Love an op shop sale. BSL at Brunswick had this set of 4 for $10, reduced by 30%- yay! Cleaned up beautifully and under the tree for me!

Boo hoo. My fantastic Clover unpick (they really ARE the best) broke. And painfully hard to find in the shops, back to here for another one.

Now: Off to sew and Listen to
this. Mmm, Finn. Happy happy joy joy.
Edit: Normal use of unpick, just the usual bit of seam and SNAP!


Vic said...

Oooh... I must say I quite like those things too! Especially your oppy bargain... fantastic!

Andi said...

- Great teacher gifts.
= There's nothing wrong with a crafty stash of any sort.
= Love those fabrics!!
= I think op shop "sales" are really funny.
= WHAT were you DOING with that unpicker???
= Andi x

Mistea said...

Zips - i'm thinking you can never have enough! It seems to me lately that every time I want to use one I don't have the size in the colour of my preference - teaching me about compromise. Love all your goodies.

CurlyPops said...

I wanna know how on earth you snapped the unpicker too?

Nikki said...

You can NEVER have too many zips!!! I've been putting that theory to the test all my life.

And yeah.... what were you unpicking and with HOW MUCH gusto?

Unknown said...

OMG - what did you do to that unpicker?