Saturday, December 12, 2009

Xmas snaps

I finally set the tree up, now the birthday is over. I put it on top of the table, and it's taller than me! I love the lights, first thing I put on when I get home from work.
The red chenille gave me a bunting idea....more to come, it's not as finished as I'd like.

I finally put this one together- a pattern from Handmade, Vliesofix and an hr, just have to sew around it now. And make the skirt. Not much.

I passed on the gingerbread man bug to my neighbour, Sarah. She took it a bit further and did this! Stick + spray paint + tin foil = cool tree! I'm glad my swap partner liked hers as well!

I am getting very lucky with the embroidery/tapestries lately too. I found all this handmade white bedlinen? that looks hand embroidered, and the small ones. Lots of ideas for reusing. I can't believe the quality of the items- the lace around the edges is hand sewn on, lots of pillowcases and bolster cushion covers (long tubes with embroidery either end). Maybe this was an unwanted gift?

Off to the market today, hmm, what will we come home with?

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Janice said...

What great booty! You'll have fun reworking all of those. It is good to see that you have your tree up. It must be so pretty at night. You have beaten me. I think we might just have a little one this year. I love your neighbour's gingerbread men.