Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going to the sales

I had a bit of free time today, between getting the car checked and a Centrelink appointment (er, sorry an appt? That would mean at 2.40pm, someone would call your name, and you would be escorted to a chair. An appt is NOT standing in the line until you get to the front, and at 2.50pm being served and told your appt will start. That is called QUEUING UP!!!!!_)
Anyway, I hit the sales - THE OP SHOP SALES (yelled out in case anyone missed it)

I specifically went for some frames to hang photos, artwork etc (and hoping I could pull a tapestry out of one- doh!)
I got these beauties, $2 each....(and a set of glass coaster I can put photo's in)

And some prints to cheer the rooms up at work. The mirror is staying in Little Miss's room,
I've been told....

Cork backed coasters- a whole set to be hammered on for purses.

Ascot Vale Vinnies had 50% off Bric a Brac, so I scored this laundry basket (minus stuff in it) for $2.50.

A cute apron for $4, I think it's PVC coated cotton, but I'll pretend it's oilcloth.

I've also been finding some nice clothes lately, especially if I ever go out out in the
evenings, they'll be perfect!

I'll wear this to work, but it a very high spilt under the front panel- may need to sew panel down, unless free undie flashes become part of the package.

I read this friends' post in envy today, but rather than get mad, I'll get even- I've booked her up for a shopping expedition next week, so we can go hunting together! It may rub off, like her luck at winning things definitely did :)


CurlyPops said...

You reminded me that I need to measure some bits and pieces so I can search for frames next week!

Cathie said...

seems like you both had fabulous shopping luck there! gotta love it ♥

Tracey said...

cute clothes. lovely finds :) oping is so much more thrilling than the likes of KMart, Target etc! :)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I know what you mean. I was envious of the purchase too. I should have bowled her over and stolen away with it!

By the way, our car decided not to play nice so the trip to Canberra got canceled. Mind you, I think the week is going to pass me by and I'll be back at work before I know it. What are your plans for the weekend?

Mookah Studio said...

I am absolutely loving that green jacket! Who says you've got to go out at night to dress up. Just do it and enjoy it!

Lark said...

I have that exact same mirror! Found in Castlemaine Salvos for $1. Love the apron - what is wrong with PVC coated cotton? Isn't it the same as what's called oilcloth, I thought it was! It was lovely to see you two the other day x