Saturday, February 13, 2010


I had a lover-ly night out the other night at the NCB.
This little group is so much fun, there are some other good reviews here and here.
That's if you want to know about the craft.
I'm reviewing the food!
For my dinner, I didn't pass a McDonald's on the way, and am very glad I didn't, as I had the bangers and mash.

Anna had a burger, and the Cokes come in the glass bottle, the only way it should be drunk in my opinion. Does anyone like it in plastic? (Blurgh.)

The best bit was when they ask if you want mustard? Out comes the condiments- all written in German, but so yummy you want to squeeze the tube into your mouth and lick the top (like you would toothpaste if it were a bit tastier).

It's an awesome cafe, other great things include the ice coffee and mineral water, brownies etc. We have so far been the only ones there, I think, on a Thursday night.

Onto other things, here is the shirt I made my lawn fairy, Wal (everyone needs one of those, you come home and the lawns mowed, ace!). I think it's the first thing I've made with all the pattern going the right way, and big bonus for me! And we didn't lose him in the crowd at the festival. Although the Hawaiian themed choir wanted to give him a lei.....
And a parting shot of a naughty boy....Mum, I got caught in the rain!


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh i had a lawn fairy who had a ride on mower (we lived in Darwin & you could mow every week with the tropical rain & sun) but i'm the lawn mowing fairy now. Takes days for my hands to recover from the vibrations. Nice shirt, he must be thrilled. Love Posie

CurlyPops said...

Wal's shirt turned out fabulous! Hope you had lots of fun at the festival today.