Saturday, March 27, 2010

Neglect....or My Creative Space

Oh, my poor neglected little blog, how are you? I've been a little busy, getting stuff unpacked and in the process my head unglued!
So I thought I'd show you some pics that I HAVE been getting some stuff achieved, just not what I want to do (ie sewing).
My little IKEA shelf has been re-used and holds the 'cute' stuff, plus tea and bread.

It is only this neat for the photo shoot! I'll give it my best attempt to keep it this way, though, heehee.

Lounge room is getting there, not much unpacked but getting used to a nice 'clear' space.

And my skating rink*, I mean dining area. Waiting for a table.
(Tupperware boxes in the corner)

The 'shiny' shelf. when glass and dishwasher come together, ahhhh, the shine! They are too pretty to shove in a cupboard, so for now, they are here (or until the cat or dog or child bump it).

So, thanks for enjoying my little tour, there is a bit to go (a bit!!) and hopefully some beds together tomorrow. I did invite Cam over, though, so I have a distraction already organised, doh!

I decided at the end to make this My Creative Space for the week, a little late, but better than never! Head over to
Kirsty's to check out more creative, inspirational spaces (making me crave a bit of craft, they do!)
* Is there anything funnier than dogs or cats skidding over floorboards? Haven't had the pleasure of watching that before....


Leonie said...

Pets flying round corners skidding out is simply hysterical!

Andi said...

The new place is looking great.
So full of your creative touches.

Jacinta said...

So much work and so little time for 'the good stuff'... but really the decorating is just that... Bec, the place looks great and sure it's going to be a beautiful home for you both.

Anonymous said...

Your new place is looking great! Good luck with the rest of the boxes (argh!)

Cathie said...

looking good Bec!!

hey, i can't reply to your email, has the address changed?

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I'm loving your new place, serious floor board and kitchen envy from me!