Friday, July 30, 2010

A bit of sewing

So the Ice Cream Social has finished (not for me!) this is the dress I sent my friend's little girl's birthday this week (and she loved it, apparently!)

I've done my signature 'upside down Miss Jane' panel along the bottom.

This was a score for $6 at the oppy this week- not the basket, it's there as a size reference, the laminated cotton tablecloth that's folded in half! Huge! Aah, the potential.

what a gorgeous print!

And a few custom orders- a b'day present (pink) and order from Little Miss's school (mermaid)

Custom orders are $40 a bag (insulated batting as well)


Sue said...

The dress looks quite cute. I have to say that I love those insulated bags, what gorgeous fabrics. I keep meaning to get Isabelle one but will have to wait until my finances improve. Thanks for the comments on the cabled hat too, you could have done a swap with me for it as it fits an adult sized head and Isabelle wont wear it, she only modelled it for me she said. What are you planning on doing with the big tablecloth!

Karen said...

Ahhhh you've made so many of them and I am yet to complete one!!
Love this one too Bec - that little pattern from FFA on teh yoke and hem is lovely.
Great oppy find.

Andi said...

"Upside down Miss Jane"
Brings back memories ....
Gorgeous dress!!!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Love the dress & how great is that enormous tablecloth!!