Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stop- Cam time!

Caught up with my mate this weekend. First to run out of petrol in her driveway, and then help sort ric-rac while waiting for the RAVC (almost sounds like she could have set that up). Then to hang out for crafternoon while Little Miss was at the footy.
Bastard cat was his usual annoying self. Houdini dog took a liking to me and wee'd on the floor near my foot. The spooky thing was when I got home, let my dog in, and he wee'd on the floor near my foot (which happened to be on some Smurf fabric).

I made a bag for a friend- great fabric , great pattern, cute bag!

Thanks, Frances, for stepping in and modelling for me.

Swivel hook to attach the keys to.

A heap of fun was had (and many chocolates and cups of tea consumed)


CurlyPops said...

Too funny! We should have taken a photo of your car stuck in the driveway for a laugh.

Andi said...

Gorgeous bag Bec!!!