Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ice Cream Social- and pets

A warning in the title- if you have no idea what it's about, read on. If you do, read on. So cute, I promise!
First off the Little Miss modelled for me today- there were a few more shots, but they are MIA on the computer somewhere (dammit!). She LOVES it, I'm so pleased. It's a size 8, fits her well, with room to grow.

I had this fabric in the stash- kid's curtains from the oppy, weird, huh? What's with the fried eggs? then I remembered my friend's little girl's 5th b'day next week and thought, hmm, Ice Cream Social- what a combination!

See? Told you. Cute!

This is the top, in a size 5, which I think will still fit her in summer (I hope). Otherwise
it will brighten up a dreary Sydney winter with a thermal underneath!

And now the pets- crazy. This is the space they leave me in the sewing room. If the dog is in, the cat gets jealous, and she actually did a roll onto her back when I pulled out the camera! They play 'chasings' on the floorboards, pretty funny, and are now outside having a play. The kids will never all be in bed at the same time, I guess!


Sue said...

Super cute dress and I like the fabric you used for the top too. It seems as though your pets get along famously then, lol!

Alison said...

I'm lovin the bright cheerful top and the dress is sooo sweet. Well done.

Karen said...

The dress looks grat Bec and I lvoe the top - I am deinitely going to be using some dots after seeing this - love it.

Clair said...

That's a great dress,bec! But when I saw the oppy fabric I thought "no way!" How do you do it? Now it's so cute!