Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Good (op shopping Part One)

I love to op shop, it started off as necessity as a single mum on Centrelink benefits, trying to dress me and my daughter while barely covering rent and food; now it is a hobby that usually gives me great results. Brianna (silly nickname B-Fab) and Cam (aka Superpops) are also big fans, so when B-Fab had a moan about the oppy's on her side of town, we set up a shopping date.

Superpops joined us midway through the day, after getting off work early. She found us in the car in the car park of a Shell service station (no, no fancy cafe for us) after I had discovered Twisties Cheeseburger snack. Mmmm, cheeseburger!

Anyhoo, we headed off to a few more oppys, and here are the good scores of the day (I did go back the next day to get some of these, I slept on it and decided I needed them!)
Leona Edmiston dress $8
K Mart $7.99

Metro brand $19.99 

Yes, this dress cost more than the Leona, but look at the ric-rac.

Loving the ric-rac.

Stay tuned for The Bad. and The Ugly.


Vic said...

*swoon* That metro dress is GORGEOUS!!! My fat ass would never fit into it, but I do luffs it so!

Lyndel said...

wow great finds, and how cheap was that lovely Leona Ed.dress??? what side of town did you shop?