Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Hat

So I finally made this pattern up.....

 and Curlypops added some brooches

it was worn all day

so I guessed she liked it!

And an early Easter present (as in waking her before I went to bed on Good Friday to
show her my skills haha)

the cat literally ripped it out of my hands!

Happy Easter everyone!


Vic said...

I really do like the hat. And it is obviously loved. So ner.

Happy Easter Bec. :)

Tanya said...

oh, I really like the hat, it's turned out great

Stomper Girl said...

Love the hat! And the bunny-fighting kitty is hilarious. I hope you've left a warning out for the real Easter Bunny : Beware of The Cat

Margaret said...

I think my wee one would love a hat like that, but the brooches really set it off. Gorgeous!