Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I used it!

I got this tool the other day on my trip to Amitie, hoping it would kick start me into
making Dresden Plates.

It sure did! Well, that and the gorgeous Liberty sample pack I bought. It's good value, I used a small bit for this cushion, and have heaps left for other projects. Like more cushions, I guess.

The middle piece is a scrap I received, Cindy blogged about it, it fit perfectly with
the rest of the Liberty's.

I need a new cushion insert to puff it up, but I love it, and as it's for me, that's
all that matters!

I've signed up here for a swap; have you?


Lyndel said...

beautiful ! you sure didnt hang about thinking about Dresden Plates once you had that niffty tool, eh?

Andi said...

Love your work Bec!!
So speedy too!!

willywagtail said...

It's gorgeous. Wonderful when you can use a new tool so quickly. Cherrie

Unknown said...

Love it :)
Now you've got me wanting to do dresden plates - like I need any more ideas!!!

Tanya said...

gee, and here I was thinking in a few weeks one of us would quietly say..ahh, hows that new tool going Bec? Very impressive speed sewing!

Cass said...

Well done Bec it looks great

Michelle said...

Ooooh GORGEOUS! Love it completely and utterly!

trash said...

Yay you! Always fab to crack a new skill set. Loving the Liberty too.

Brianna said...

Gorgeous, I'm going to have to come over and play.