Saturday, November 8, 2008

cool blog

A blog I really enjoy reading is this one, I'm not ready to take the challenge yet, but love seeing what people can do. I particulalry liked this post, I read it and went, yeah, that's a cool idea. Then I was in Kmart saw a Bonds one for $22! A 2nd hand Country Road one was also $22, so when I remembered this post, I got the patterns. It reminds me of the baby dresses from men's t-shirts-(I have a few friends buying me t-shirts now to make gifts). Maybe these will be as popular?

Am taking little miss to a party today, I am in a dilemma for gifts. All my friends know they get handmade, and love it, but when you don't know the parent (a day care friend whose mum I have never met) and are told by your nearly 5 yr old "she only likes Bratz and make up" it's a bit tricky. I ended up make a flower brooch and some covered hairclips like these. I also bought a jar of beads to make Princess bracelets/necklaces- $15 reduced to $3.50 at Spotlight! I almost went Bratz, but decided that's not me, I have to be true to my self and at least the bought thing is something to make. (I do remember, though, that this is the child who got a bead stuck up her nose at day care a few months ago and needed the hospital- eek!)

Any one else have that problem? I guess it's about keeping up with the Jones's, the older I get the more I rebel against it. Another week till my birthday, another year older and more rebelling, bring it on haha.


laughing purple goldfish said...

good on you for sticking to your values and not giving in to a perceived pressure to 'go all retail' in the gifts department...

my girl is four, and I still make for her friends... but my boys are six and nine... and it's getting harder to make for their mates

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Oh I love that hoodie and tights, the colours are amazing. I made a dress for little P from a men's shirt, it's on my blog somewhere, it's very easy, the buttons at the front become the buttons at the back. If you want to see how I did it let me know, and I'll find the post!

I totally concur with the Bratz, it's the only thing I've really 'banned' cause I like to desensitise things, but I just can't stand the look. She's lusting after one for her upcoming Birthday.

Angie said...

great links!

I know what you mean about making gifts for people you don;t know that well...I just do it regardless, but the parties we go to are for really little ones who can't complain yet!

hoe did you go with the etsy shop link?

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Bec, I've been trying to link you in my blogroll, but it keeps going to the lassy in Liverpool, with or without the 'www'. Any tips?