Monday, November 17, 2008


I planned to get the sewing machine serviced this week, and drop my 2 pairs of scissors of for shaprening. It didn't happen as I went to 2 craft markets instead! Saturday was the Maribyrnong Makers Market which is just up the road from me in Yarraville. Lots of cute ideas, just not lots of money, I would have purchased a few things. At least most people have a card or web address for cash poor folk like me!

Sunday was Mathilda's Market in Malvern. It was gorgeous, I felt like I met someone famous when I met Leslie, and the gorgeous Mae. I love her craft stuff, and her style. I was a bit disappointed as I thought it would be all handmade stuff, what was the BabyGap clearance stuff about? Not that I minded really, but that's what I would expect at the Baby and Kid's Market. Are there any 'true' craft markets any more? I had my girlfriend with me who is pregnant, and had a good sticky beak at stuff.

So after all this crafty goodness, I went home very motivated, and as my poor daughter had had nothing bought for her due to fund shortage, and watched everyone else buy things, I made her a few treats.

Some hair pins.....
And hair bands (owls courtesy of a handmade pair of ladies shorts from an oppy!)
I have to add here, none of this would have possible if not for my new tools. Who would have thought they would have made such a difference, but when your daughters craft scissors are sharper than the sewing ones, it's time to get sharpening! While I wait, this $12 pair from Big W are great, as is a new unpicker. Didn't know they go blunt wither, until I tried a new one. Der!
I finished a top I started last night for little miss, button hole hell got me this morning. I have an automatic buttonhole, which today went spazzo- I think the service is long overdue (only 4 yrs, come on haha).

Finally got it done, and she is very happy with the result. Mismatched buttons as usual, which I like, and it matches a mini dress I made, out of the same set of sheets. It is a vintage pattern, too. She likes it left open, so it's a jacket (?). Oh, well, at least she'll wear it. Just not at the same time as I wear mine haha.

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leslie said...

it was fabulous to meet you, thanks heaps for coming by!! i meant to get to the MMM on saturday too but didn't quite get there. i'm thinking about applying for that one as well, it would be nice to be a bit closer to home. do you think it would be a good fit for my stuff?

and, to comment on your newest post, i LOVE wham. and george michaels first couple of albums after he let them. so,so good!