Monday, November 3, 2008

A weekend away

I finally packed my little one up and took off for a weekend, as I had 4 days free and didn't want to go stir crazy at home! We drove up to Bendigo, and my daughter got to visit my dad twice in a weekend on the way there and back. we splurged on a motel room, and you would think it was the Taj mahal- she LOVED it. I tragically forgot my knitting bag and needed an emergency dash to Big W at 5pm on a Sun evening, and she kept saying "i want to go home", meaning the motel room. She settled in very quickly....and enjoyed the finer things in life, like breaky in front of the tv (she does this at home, but it was more fun here, I suppose.) The yelloe teddy was a pressie her dad made her- he is now part of the family, and every other photo has him in it! We ate at the motel bistro which was delicious, she fell asleep quite easily- I had to pretend I was going to bed at 7.30 too, but it was worth it (hence needing the knitting!)
We started off this morning at Bendigo Pottery, where she got to try 'Clay Play', and watch someone at the wheel. I haven't been there since I was a young teen on a family roadtrip (shudder), but remember my mum's obsession with the place well.
Seems genetic, as we had to bring home 2 tubs of clay to make Xmas decorations! We'll cut more out, seal, paint and glitter- yay! We'll need some for our tree, and as we are leaving for my mum's Xmas Eve some for her tree. Scary that it is so close! Our birthdays are before it, so a few more celebrations yet.
I managed to sneak into one op shop- so many up there, but whiny child wouldn't let me enjoy! Bargain bags of wool and fairy skirt fabric- picked it all up for $9! Heaps in the blue pile, 2 massive hanks! Feel like knitting in front of the telly lately, it is cold here at home tonight, so have my feet up!
Successful road trip, may be more in the future, am keen to get her horseriding too! Plus visit some patchwork shops etc.


Bec said...

What a fantastic idea! You trips sounds wonderful, and i'm looking forward to seeing those Christmas decorations once they're all pretty and glittery :)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

What a great post! I love it when a post takes you on a journey, and that really did for me - thanks! She looks so adorable having her brekky too!!