Friday, January 1, 2010


I know someone famous. She lives 2 doors away, and has become my closest friend. And she modeled once.
Check her out- the one having her hair pulled out to the side.

and posing in the pink sweater. The thing I like the most is that is has combined my favourite things- craft, knitting, vintage magazines and my friend!!

This is the edition- a stand alone save copy, but then to have been featured in it....ahh, the envy.

I thought I'd add the page of Handy hints for the time, 1983 that is. Click on image to see closer. I won't spoil it and give any away, but let me know if you end up using any hints haha.

So I though I'd better show you what she looks like now- still modeling, not professionally anymore, but the shower cap I made her for Christmas!

Love you Sarah!!

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Liesl said...

I can't believe Sarah was in the souvenir edition - that's gold! Of course she looks much better in the shower cap than the 80's knit :)

Those hints are a crack up. I love the "cut arms and neck in a garbage bag" to make a children's smock. I would add to that, that if you were having a bad day, don't worry about cutting the arm and neck holes first. Just straight over the head ....