Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions or Revelations?

So I'm feeling a bit different. All my favourite blogs and bloggers are posting these great retrospectives of 2009, and plans for 2010, and I'm not. why? It takes too much time!!
I am such a lazy person, photos get uploaded and left in no order; piles get rearranged on the floor; washing up and clothes washing are the only chores down on a regular basis (and I'm not including putting away clean washing in that list!!). I rarely entertain at my house as it would mean I'd have to clean up; sheets get washed when I remember....I think you get the drift.
I do, however, have all these feelings- goals I want to achieve, things I want to do, but I'm working on the theory if it's not written down I don't have to follow through- and no one can hold me to it at the end of the year, myself included!
In 2010, however, I will be
  • enjoying my daughters 2nd year at school
  • trying to walk my dog more
  • be at a handmade market once a month (seller or buying)
  • Make something daily!

On that note, by the 2nd of Jan 2010 this is what I've achieved- another new top for Little Miss (mistake noticed by me, can you spot it?)

My new product for my market stall is under production. An emergency trip to my crafty helper found the supervisor hard at work.....

and my prototype was done! (how about that sexy photo? Gotta get me some white cardboard....). It is my 'pocket in a pocket purse', no official name yet. A coin purse with an outside jeans pocket, a wrist strap or clip on it or attach to a bag.
It will hold
  • iPhone or similar size phone
  • credit/EFTPOS cards and similar
  • money
  • keys

Perfect for the quick trip to the shops; to fit in your jacket pocket on a night out; to replace all your big bulky purses and bags. I'm pretty excited about it, off to make a few more. Oh, and the call out for jeans pockets will be on soon!

Did someone say chips?


Julie said...

Oh good, I thought I was the only one not going to summarize my year and make resolutions I won't keep. I'm getting stuck into sewing instead.
Love the top, couldn't help trying to spot the mistake then I noticed the upside down strawberries??? How many times have I done that!!

CurlyPops said...

The white cardboard definitely does the trick!

Unknown said...

That top looks perfect for hand-stands! I've done that more than once too.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Love the new purses. It looks fantastic. I'll add one of those to my 2010 shopping list.

Happy New Year Bec.

Liesl said...

Really love your pocket-in-a-pocket purse ... its ace. (And how confusing would that be for a pick pocket, huh? Maybe for travellers, you could go the ultra secure babushka pocket purse ... pocket, in a pocket, in a pocket, in a pocket ... er, sorry, I'll stop now).

Little Miss' top is super cute. And the strawberries are exactly the right way up ... that's how you eat them :)

Jennie said...

Obviously the strawberries are the right way for Little Miss to see them! Very clever. My boy was upset yesterday that the picture on his shirt was upside down... from his point of view!

The jeans pockets look great. I made a bedspread out of old jeans once. I was a bit smelly and weighed a tonne.

Mistea said...

Cute top - lovely pocket - well done. See the supervisor takes the job seriously.

Anonymous said...

oh no! strawberries upside down! but they are the right way to her when she looks down at least!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I know what you mean, I love reading all the best of 2009, but just haven't the waerwithall to do my own!