Friday, January 8, 2010

Freakin' Disaster

Hmmphh. Not happy Jan! I haven't been beaten yet, but this pattern is trying to kill me. Of course, hot weather and PMS don't help, but I WILL NOT LET IT BEAT ME!
So if you remember, I followed the sizing in the pattern and I came up with this....not big enough for my 6 yr olds lunch and snacks.

So I added a bit all round and made a much bigger one.
Lucky didn't waste my laminated cotton or oilcloth on this one, made it up in cotton.
I turned them right sides together, as I ALWAYS do when lining my bags, and something happened....the seam is on the outside. Or, wait I turned it inside out and outside in again in the same movement?
WHO BLOODY KNOWS! I tore the fabric- see my little interfacing iron on trick to mend it? (I can, I will notice it EVERY time I pack her lunch).

Looks good from the outside.

So I'll add some binding, and pretend it was meant to be.

I might pick my days better to try another one- the pattern is allowed to be made up and sold from, can you imagine anyway paying $200 for a lunch bag? That's what I'd want after today's efforts!


Liesl said...

She's asking $200 for a lunchbag? Tell her she's dreaming.

The lunchbag looks cute and I can't see the tear. But some patterns are definitely sent to try us!!

polly pratt said...

It looks great ,as for the pms i just opened a bottle of wine and it`s working a treat.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you were having a crappy time of it. May I ask what the pattern is? Can the tear be covered by a name patch or something?

Mistea said...

Looks cute in both large and small. Nice fabrics for lunch bags. Well done on finishing anyway - I probably would just have put it aside after the tear to think about what to do next. Schools out for a few more weeks right.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Trust that ONLY you will notice that tear & repair. It's bright & functional, what more could i child ask for??
I seem to follow you around blogs leaving comments, hello!!
Your blog is lovely, love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Thanks for stopping by, yes, there is a whole handmade craft movement happening in Canberra, finally!! KitchenAid rocks, fabulous investment. Love Posie