Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A more serious one

Ok, a 'non'staged' one this time. Glad I made you laugh, though! And Murray wolfed it down, parsley and all! He's the well-behaved child teehee
I got the best pressie yesterday when I got home, my apron from the Great Apron Swap! Michelle made me this amazing apron, it's more like an outfit, and so much hand sewing, it's amazing! The packaging was equally gorgeous, but I forgot to take a pic in my excitement, so have a look here.

Fully lined!

beautiful base fabric

and layers of ruffles, sweet!

Michelle's brief was NOT pink, I find it funny she made this so pink! But I love it, having a bit of a tomboy child, who's favourite colour is blue means I don't see a lot of it.
Had a break from the last of the pencil rolls last night and made these little purses, I followed this tute to do the covered zip ends. It makes them look a bit less messy than my usual purses. I also used some interfacing on both the outer and lining fabric, so they are pretty sturdy.

The piggy/shroom one if for work- as I am change bags a bit, I wanted something I could put all my work stuff in (id lanyard, Paw Paw cream, stamp for good kids etc) that was easy to move bags but not let me forget anything! And of course the top one has my business cards!
I'm having a procrastinating/lazy Wednesday, how about you?


Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Wow - that pini is pretty enough to wear out1

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That apron is quite spectacular.

Annie said...

Apron is fab, and I had a lovely Wednesday thank you very much.

Copper Patch said...

I want to see a pic of the 'kid' with a piece of parsley hanging out :o)
Love the apron and well done on being so darn productive the other day.

Michelle Walker said...

Glad you like it Bec xo

Anonymous said...

that apron is adorable! so much work. thank you for my goodies, what a treat xx

Clair said...

Love the piggy/shroom fabric on that purse!

Off The Peg said...

Super cute apron!