Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Somethings wrong with me.

I can't stand the taste of coffee anymore. I had just had 2 days coffee free- no shakes, no cravings, just really tired! I'm OK in the morning, but by Nanna o'clock (1pm) I'm out for about 2 hrs. Crazy. Especially when I'm at work, someone will wonder why I'm on the floor.
So what to do, I'm experimenting at the moment. I need an adult drink to like. In my memory is a date I had with a non-successful applicant- non successful as he ordered a milk shake with his food! In a cafe! Oh, the embarrassment. I don't want to be that embarrassing one.
I was gifted some delicious Chai- but I can't drink it too often, makes me feel a bit yucky. peppermint tea is delicious, I have a few cups a day but- no caffeine! And I need a little to keep me functioning, I have found out.
Tea? White with one? I can drink this, and like it, but I get a bit sick of milky drinks, not a big fan of the cow juice.
Similarly, black with sugar or honey leaves a yucky aftertaste.
Gosh, I'm fussy. Wonder if it's a short term coffee thing? Hormonal? Something to do with the weather? I'm definitely not pregnant, that's the only other time in my life I have drunk down a STRONG latte one or two times a day.
Oh, well, back to the drawing board. Suggestions welcome!


Alison said...

Oh dear! I'm not a coffee drinker and the few times that I have drunk it, I'm buzzing so much I can't sleep at night. Tea, herbal tea, soy chai, Milo, a hot chocolate, are my choices, I mix it up a bit. Perhaps have your peppermint tea and have a nibble on a wee chockie, that's gotta help.

Liesl said...

Pick a drink you like - such as peppermint tea - then use it to wash down a No-Doz!

(See? I'm full of good advice.)

Andi said...

Diet Coke baby!!!

CurlyPops said...

What were you thinking giving up coffee???

trash said...

I'm with Andi. Diet Coke is my go to. Although I have been the 'milkshake' girl previously but not on a date.

Karen said...

Have to say I am another who has DC to get my caffiene kick.
I often order a hot chocolate after a meal at a restaurant then cringe as it's brought to me in a tall glass with marshmallows on top - like I am a child! Very embarrassing.

Mistea said...

No Coffee!! I don't think I would even last until Nanna o'clock??

Best find something real fast if work keeps getting in the way.

Tea is best drunk with a bickie or immediately after food to stop the ickkiness.

Jodie said...

15 ish years ago while pregnant the smell of coffee made me gag.
I have about a cup of it a year now - but tea !!! black tea !!! Cups and cups of the glorious stuff every day !

ooh just read all the comments ...I might be DC addict too.

Vaughnde said...

If you like Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans those might help during Nana O'Clock! Just one or two should fit the bill for ya. As for drinking...I'd suggest water during the day. I drink my coffee with creamer 3 cups only in the morning decaf and then the rest of the day water. Decaf is good because it still has SOME caffeine in it but you still get your love of coffee taste.