Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The other week I received a call out from a friend giving me this title, which I have saved until I felt a bit more like chatting. The theme has been picked up by a few others, but I'm sticking to the original '7 things' idea, just to be different (er, original?)
I do like the lots of pics ideas, so I threw some in.
  • I don't have a 'best friend'. My best friend from pre-school (kinder) was with me until we were 29, when she succumbed to a rare form of liver cancer and passed away. I was lucky enough to be there when she died, but she never met my Little Miss, who was also there when she died. So I have Gerry (below), a mad gay Scotsman I met my first day as a Registered Nurse (when he was my student who saved my ass many a time, and must of cursed the day he got that placement) and 1 friend from high school, who I spent year 7 and 8 fighting with, and still have her in my life today. The best thing about a gay best friend? I don't need to have the 'gay' talk with my child. Her reaction to being asked what gay is? "Like Uncle Gerry and Uncle Mark who are married, Mum".

  • I LURVE being messy. In my bedroom, mainly. It drives me nuts to have mess around, but I like that I can lose control a bit and walk over things on the floor, live out of the washing basket, and generally not give a damn. It's taken years to achieve this, and I think it does your mental health a hell of a lot of good if you can do it occasionally. I also love the sense of satisfaction when you finally tidy it all up!

  • I take antidepressants. A massive dose of postnatal depression made me realise that I have probably had it for years, but covered it up with partying when the moods were low. I decided to go into Maternal and Child Health, as I know what it's like to have it, so hopefully I can help people through it. Removing the stigma is also a belief of mine.
me 2002
  • I used to be so skinny! Look at that pic! Even though I still look slim and 'normal', it's hard not to remember me like that and think I'm now 'chubby'. I have a health BMI of 23, and need to tone up a bit, but God, I'd love to look like I used to!

  • I have spent a few years being angry I am a single parent. It wasn't by choice. I don't think it's fair on children sometimes, and never wanted that life for my child. I became the child of a single parent at 18; and am still traumatised. But know that staying in a bad relationship for the child is worse (my parents did that for 10yrs, that is probably what I am traumatised about!) My daily wish is to make sure she goes without nothing, and she is happy and content.

  • I hate cooking. Someone said it perfectly recently- "at least it with sewing it doesn't disappear in 5 mins". How true! All the effort of cooking to have it devoured and 10 mins later- "what's for the next meal?" I eat to live, not to eat, and my daughter is the opposite- the sooner she learns to cook, the better for both of us!

  • I would very happily pack up my stuff and move anywhere, I feel if I have my happy girl, I am set, and can start over anywhere. However, I also wish for a nice 'normal' life- hubby, more kids and the craziness that comes with that. Single parenthood is the loneliest thing I've ever done, and I wouldn't want to go through it again, I want someone helping me through it!

  • I hate myself in photos. That's not a ploy to get comments on this last shot, I just hate seeing myself in a picture, the same as I hate hearing my (I think deep) voice on a recording. I do however love seeing shots of my little girl, she can never look bad!

So that is my 7 things, except I made it 8, haha. Yep, I do like to share. I hope it didn't sound too negative, it wasn't meant to, it was meant to be honest. I have been trying for a while to add something on here that was true and honest, not a 'polished' piece, inspired by a friend I recently met up with.

If you feel like doing it, go on, do it.


trash said...

Am all about keeping it real. Loving your list :-)

Jodie said...

You and Gilly....such amazing women.
Your daughter is a delight - she must be happy and content .
Thankyou for the list. You look great in all the photos !

Kate said...

Great post Bec! Very brave and real. i hope you get to live your fairy tale one day soon. X

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I love this post Bec. I think it's my favourite Beccasaurus post ever. You are such a warm soul and I absolutely adore you. You make me smile and laugh every time I see you. And I like your voice. I like you, just exactly the way you are.

Nikki said...

Go you! You are a super-Mum and a super-woman!

Cathie said...

nice one Bec!you are amazing & very strong as a mum & a person.
I agree with Cathy, you make me smile whenever I see you because you are just soo honest & down to earth.
love your pics!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

You forgot something....you totally rock!! Yay you for being real and true! And I too am a medicated PND mummy. There seems to be loads of us out there in crafty blog land xox

Andi said...

A wonderful post Bec.
You're so very focused on Sib's happiness and healthy development that she couldn't have turned out as anything other than the delightful happy child she is!!!
She's lucky to have you!

Gina said...

You're a trooper Bec, one of the best. I love how straight-down-the-line you are about stuff, and how you let your real life just hang out on the blog. I think single parenting would completely suck - I take my hat off to you but totally hope that the situation changes for you one day. Truly, you're such a champion. And nice to know another fellow 'mental mum' - oh dear, we're everywhere.

Gypsy said...

What a great post Bec, and what an awesome and inspiring chicky you are! xx

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small forest said...

Hey there, Lady!
I was wondering if you would join in the list making. So..Thanks! love knowing about the real you, especially the messy part, hilarious. Your daughter is always smiling in your photos so you must be doing an amazing job of keeping it real for both of you!

Clair said...

A very touching post, it takes a whole lot of confidence to be that open and honest. Well done!

Michelle said...

Oh Bec, this is an amazing post. I love how honest, down to earth and totally real life it is. Like an amazing book, I couldn't stop reading!

dorothybills..... said...

Thanks so much for sharing such honest info on yourself, I bet that was emotional writing that out!
You sound like a beautiful commited mum, your little one is very lucky!

Also can relate to the mess factor...