Monday, June 7, 2010

The one where I talk on and on about Tupperware....

OK, I'm throwing in my 2c worth (remember those coins? I'm old enough...). Some friends have had trouble recently with containers, and I had a walk through a local chain store today and couldn't believe how much they charge for containers that break! And don't get replaced!
So this is a small portion of what I have in my 'Tupperware cupboard'. (Many of these don't even hold Tupperware, and people really do think Decor is the same...*shudder*)

And this is the lunch bag- still going strong after nearly 2 terms. I have perfected the pattern for this size, and am working on one that will fit the long Tupperware lunchbox. It has insulated batting, vinyl inside to wipe it out when the fruit gets squashed, you know, that kind of stuff mum's are familiar with.

Having a few different containers is handy, so depending what you want to send on that day you have one on hand. The round orange one was from Savers, great for bread rolls. The small squares hold rice cakes, sandwiches, cold toasted sandwiches (glad that phase is over); small round hold yogurt, sultana's, nuts (if you want to be kicked out of school).

As it's insulated, the ice pack keeps things cold, and doubles up for playground injuries haha.

Oh, and I am showing you the Prep year's drink bottle top. Do your kid's get like these? Replaceable lid for $7! And threatening that won't have a Madagascar drink bottle again (or lunchn in general) means this years is perfect!

OK, so BPA free? Not sure. The website will tell you more. But not having to buy new containers for years is just as much an issue for me. No Glad Wrap goes to school; the containers all come home (touch wood); and if they break, I ring a local Tupperware lady to replace it for me.
Mmm, haven't tried these before, but if I host a party, I may get them free!
Now for the good bit. Followers of this will be able to buy my insulated lunch bag for a special price of $35. That's a saving of 25%!! You can send me your fabric, dimensions of containers or let me come up with the plan- great for kids and adults too! The only limit is your imagination!
Email me if interested.


Liesl said...

Oooh snap ... there's an identically chewed Madagascar drink bottle at our place.

Shame, shame, shame on you for the nuts. He he! :)

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