Saturday, September 25, 2010


I thought I'd cheat a bit yesterday- I was at the local shopping centre anyway, and knew the black leggings the kid was wearing were on their last legs- whinging whenever she wore them alerted me to that!
So I dropped in to Best and Less and picked up a pair, for $13.99. She wore them for a little bit when she got home, then got into her pj's.
So I was pretty annoyed when I look at them this morning, and the elastic was broken!

I marched them back to the shop and got my money back; and dove into my Sewing Clothes Kids Love book and made Riviera, which took all of about an hr, including tracing the pattern! I piece, people! Easy. (and 2 things back to back from that book, it is amazing!)
Short cuts rarely work!
And they were declared the best ones ever! Now I'll be on the hunt for good stretch fabrics in my oppy haunts. I'm even getting over my fear of stretch fabrics for them!
Oh, a little tip for measuring elastics for waistbands- middle of the day is your safest bet. Measured in the morning- too loose. Measured at night- too tight. What a difference a day of food makes!

I picked up some t-shirts and sewed a hexie flower on one;

and these 2 singlets will be at the market next week, I'm hand sewing them on as they are so small and fiddly. Having no sleeve arm on the machine limits me a bit! (When I mentioned that to my Janome shop, they advised me I should have gotten the Horizon; oh, silly me!)

Hope you're having a crafty weekend!


jodie said...

oooh Leggings, I cannot count the number of leggings I made for my miss when she was small. her favourites were crushed orange stretch velvet......Oh dear.

trash said...

I braved leggings for Princess C-W last year. Felt most brave afterwards.

Kate said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder, I so need to get that book out again now that the weather is warming up.
Great leggings, love the hexies and I haven't forgotten your ric rac. can you email me your address and I'll get it in the post this week.