Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Topsy Turvy

My pictures, that is! Oh, well, it took me 3 goes to load them, so I'm leaving them as is.
I thought, I'd throw a sneak peak in of my new project I'm bringing along to the market on Saturday, the hood is being hand finished as I type...err, well, afterwards probably! I'm a bit attached to the chenille and Dalmatian print throw/blanket, but I made to it go with the pram, so will keep it in the deal!
It will definitely be for sale, and am happy to take enquiries about custom orders- it's a great way to get new life out of a pram the 3rd or 4th time.

The Little Miss has had a great few days at the YMCA program while I've worked, yesterday was Snakebusters, so I got to hear all about the snake that curled it's way around her ponytail (yuck!) and about it pooing on the floor! She also learnt to make friendships bracelets today, so started one for me when she got home (started being the operative word...it's half finished and may take a bit of nagging to finish off!

And I wanted to show you all some lovely shots (via iPhone, so they could have been better) of the park near our house. We took off for a doggy and scooter walk on that beautiful Sunday (now a distant memory, it's been so cold the last 2 days). From the top it doesn't look too far....

but from the bottom, it's a killer. I like to call it 'Death Hill'- because that's how I feel when I've gone down and back up it! I practically have to carry the dog home....

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