Friday, September 24, 2010

Hand piecing

I had to do a separate post for this one, being so monumental and all! After wondering why anyone on Earth would sew by hand when there was a machine invented, I understand it- it's addictive!!
It's given me a break from only being in the sewing room (as much as I love my TV in there, it only recieves ch 9 and ch 10, as well as not being the big screen LCD I bought) so the couch is getting a nice bum imprint at the moment.
First is my finished Block 1 for the Amitie BOM. Easy peasy so far, I'm kidding myself if they'll all be this easy though, I think!

and some hexies- sexy hexies, as we are calling them. These are 7/8 inch small;

and some 1 inch gifted to me. With some Flea Market fancy, so precious!

The Little Miss picked these ones out, and put them in order, they'll go onto a t-shirt tonight.

No, not a quilt- I thought a clutch purse might be nice, might team it with some denim, might use this as a flap.... decisions, decisions!

Off to unpick some basting!


Clair said...

Wow...I'm most impressed with that curly swirly thing.I am of course using the correct technical termand will continue to do so regardless of what anyone else may call it!
Really truely sexy hexies......gorgeous!

Copper Patch said...

I love your hand pieced block - looks tricky. The hexies are sweet too.