Monday, September 13, 2010


This ole thing? A work in progress? Well, yes, doesn't everything you make or own have the ability to be revamped?
I made this when Little Miss was about 3 (nearly 4 yrs ago). I patiently (and not so patiently) knitted and un-knitted, it all started with the blue and yellow balls, can't remember where from. I sewed them all together, added some chenille down the sides (to make it single bed sized- wasn't knitting ANY MORE squares) and a chenille bedspread backing. Embellishing with doiles and knitted flowers. Now this was in my beginner days of quilting, so I thought I'd add some binding....

EEEKKK! Yep, don't know why I thought THAT looked good. So for the last few years
I've out up with it, until today!

I unpicked and took the whole binding off, and trimmed it right down.

My assistant was it's usual pain in the butt- "yes, Ace, my sewing table is a bed, as it has Little Miss's quilt on it, you are soooo smart!" Every time I lifted her off, back on she jumped.

When I went to re-attach the binding, it was no too short- joining the pieces properly to do mitred corners left it too short. Crap! Better look in the stash for.....

the exact same fabric! Yep, that's why I have a stash, folks!
I'll be back to show you the finished binding later!

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Clair said...

It's not a stash! It's a culturally important collection!
But I will just's a flippin' big collection!