Tuesday, December 14, 2010

During Blogtoberfest I had an outing for Halloween, remember?

And is this the coolest photo or what? How good do my kids pose? And photograph?

So I wanted to send a plug out for the awesome photographer, as the photo on the day were all free (it took me 6 weeks to remember to pick it up, isn't that shocking?). Pet photo's may seem silly to some, but show me a pet owner who doesn't have a million snaps of their animals, and want more!

The whole day was pretty fun, but the best bit was driving home in the car this afternoon, while Little Miss was looking at the photo, and she said ' you are soooooo clever making that costume, Mum'. Bliss!

(PS Balloon Turtle was done on the day, too, Fabulous balloon person, thank you! Too cute!)


Sue said...

What a fabulous photo of both your cuties! Did you get my email about the dress yet, just waiting on your reply unless I sent it to the wrong person?

Gillian R said...

What a great shot! I got one done of my poppet and my puppy with Father Xmas. It's hilarious!