Saturday, December 18, 2010

stuff again (for lack of an imaginative title)

It's been busy at the 'Sauras house, hence the forgetting to blog! But I have a few things to show off, starting with this baby! My Xmas present to me! Remember the rise and fall of this one? I found this for $15 at Salvo's (yep, I spend big for me) AND it has a removable insert, something the other one was lacking (and a pain in the butt to wash!) And this colour is pretty groovy, yay, more corned beef for me and my pal!

The kid has finished Grade 1, and phew, glad that last week is over and done with. Another big plastic tub of school work to hoard away haha. She brought home this great 'star' for the tree- how cool is that? It does look a bit like it's blowing raspberries at you, but so cute and clever. So whoever says they don't 'do' anything in the last week at school- here you go!

And tonight's job? To see if I can whip up 2 Tulip dresses by Monday! Halfway there with the tracing the pattern, cutting and prepping. And I'm doing 2 different sizes, with the same linings! Expect a catastrophe. I am using my directional mermaids again........and yep, have already re-cut the bodice pieces! (I blame ER on DVD for distracting me with John Stamos).

And my fabric from the other day has been put to good use, a little tote or 'manbag', lined with a nice green stripe. Unfortunately Little Miss decided she didn't want to give the music teacher a present after all, I just realised I have BIL's Xmas present, yay!


Sue said...

What a very cool xmas tree topper! Love the manbag too, it looks great. Cornbeef in the crockpot sounds great, my MIL cooks it that way too.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I am also sewing too many different things all at once, it can get confusing!
My little Miss 4 adores that mermaid fabric, it will look gorgeous in a dress.