Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space

Oh, yay, I remembered to photograph AND post on a Thursday for a change, so am playing along again this week.

It's a busy one, creativity wise- a 7 yr b'day party on not much money, plus trying to make something different than an outfit etc.

I saw an idea over here that I refashioned in my brain, and this is how it's looking so far....

I hope it carries over to tomorrow (my creativity, that is, NOT the project) and I make a masterpiece using this mould.

The child asked if they would use this on Masterchef, I said of course!

The end results will be after the weekend!

See here for more spaces.


nicole said...

that mold looks like it will make an awesome looking cake! can't wait to see the results of it and the finished present project :D

Andi said...

Happy birthday Little Miss S.
Have a very happy day with a great cake and a great Mum!!