Friday, October 31, 2008

fri morning

Check out yesterdays op shop finds here. I am going to post all on my blog from now on, as it gets annoying as I have to repost etc. Plus there's lots of 'businesses' over there that take away from the spirit of op shopping, I feel. Anyway, it will all be here in the one place!

This is this weeks projest. Not happy Jan! I thought it would be much bigger. It is for my friend, who has just had a b'day (belated gift) and she loved the fabric (an old curtain from an oppy). I followed a pattern, it is tiny! And the zipper- lets not go there! I am going to unpick the zipper and leave it open, to put another one in would involve LOTS of unpicking!
She wanted a baby/nappy bag, this will only be big enough for 1 nappy. But i'm sure it would be a great craft/sewing bag. Lots of pockets.
I found this fabric yesterday at the oppy, it's a sheet but sewn into a sleeping bag? Anyway, heaps of fabric to use
And a vintage Paddington Bear single sheet
Lovely morning today, taking it easy and then swimming lessons. I have my 2 swimming mum's to thank today- one found out about Thread Den and passed it on to me, and the other told me about a new op shop where she volunteers, and where I found my overlocker table yesterday. Cheers guys!

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