Thursday, December 4, 2008

this week

Another week has flown, with preparations underway for the weekend of the year! Monday started off with babysitting day, and I decided (as minding 3 kids wasn't enough!) to make some flat sheets fitted. I have tried measuring, but it always comes out wrong, so I fit them on the mattress. Took lots of photos in case anyone wants a tutorial.....let me know!

Little miss and her friend in their op shop dress ups, on the mattress, not really helping, just looking pretty!
The small yo yo maker has come in handy, cute hair ties
A bit more cross stitch, enjoying it. Need a few more dvd's though, tv is getting worse at the moment!

And today was the cake at day care, so a party frock was necessary. And a gorgeous grin! Imagine the grin when she sees what's in the next photo...

Isn't it my perogative to spoil my child? All my bargain ribbon sure came in handy, too, now I just hope she'll let me take it back for sewing!

2 sleeps to go!

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