Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting stuff done

Yes, something has kicked in and inspired me to clean up the study. Could be the fact I can't find anything.....hmm, and losing my CV and missing out on some cool jobs has also been an inspiration!

This week I also joined up with this mailing list, where you get a free fat quarter- I got a Xmas theme, a stocking to sew. Haven't yet finished my cross stitch one, so this may come in very handy! It is so easy to join up, it's ridiculous.

So after a Nanna nap, I got up and had a coffee, then attacked this pile. I know, I know, how can it get this bad, just lots of procrastination I'm afraid. It gets to a point that it is then soooo overwhelming to clean up, it's better to leave it. And this is only one portion of the room!

Only took 2hrs or so, and still haven't done any job applications, at least I can think, though. And did a bit of decorating, too

this is my recent op shop score of photo frames, all brand new in wrapping. Frames are so expensive at the shops, so these are a bonus, I out a few pics in and a picture Little Miss's cousin drew for her birthday. Now I have to find my fishing line to hang it! that's for another day....

No photo, but have a new toilet seat, very exciting, and much joy this morning for Miss 5, and there is a bubble causing deodoriser thing, woo hoo, livin' on the the edge haha.

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Whoo hoo - living on the edge, or the rim, of the toilet seat!!

Room looks so good - inspired me to do my sewing room. I was nodding along when you said it just gets so bad it's easier just to leave it, but I can't find my scissors, and they have a life time gaurantee!!