Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this week...or more like today

So Santa Claus brought lots of great stuff, some better than others..... this has been a popular game- remember this?

Murray is looking as cute as ever, my firends washed his mohawk out :( Need a dogsitter for next week, when we are away. Any ideas?

Have finished an unfinished project around the house- $70 to sit down while you do your business, unbelievable!

And the bags were given today with great success. Little Miss had lots of fun pretending it was all her idea and doing!


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice dog.
If you want you can watch my dog on my side. Please visit my side and give me an australian flag on it.
Greetings from germany and a happy new year, Mike

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Murray and his hair! Bag looks adorable, and congrats on doing the loo by yourself - you are a wonder!!