Thursday, April 30, 2009


Boy, it is REALLY hard to photograph these pants and try to look flattering, and not wanting to completely rip off Selina's pic, I opted for no cat in mine haha. (She is on my bed on the green chenille bedspread)
I have worn them for about 10 mins now, and wonder how I ever lived without them, really. I can imagine some skanky pants that won't make it to the washing machine until I make a 2nd pair!
I have a co-ordinating pink check that I have cut for a robe to match, mmm, chenille


CurlyPops said...

Ooooh I need some of those!

c.raf.t said...

I feel exactly the same about the undies I made few days ago...although I did change myself the day after!

Selina said...

love them! I know how you feel about how you ever fully lived B.C.P (before chenille pants!) hehe!

Andi said...

Mmmmm. Comfy!!!

Jacinta said...

Oooh - they look so cosy. And warm. And in weather like this, warm is just what you need. Lovely!