Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop- Hama time!

We have a new craft hobby in the house, the Hama beads. Actually, a generic brand, but that is what they are known as. Beados are still OK, but she discovered these at vacation care during the school hols (2 more days till back to school!). I get to help with this one, I have to do the ironing part. Good things the board and iron are always on the ready in this house.

Speaking of school hols, I have actually enjoyed the break of racing into school by the seat of our pants, and endless school lunch discussions in the morning. I had a devastated child when vacation care ended, I hadn't booked her in for the last day and there was a party, karaoke, food etc, a few crying episodes and promises of a full week next hols. So back to school and back to getting up early etc for me!
I have a new toy this week, after downsizing my plan, I still got the latest phone FOR FREE! Never mind the 2yr contract- that'll fly by, the last one sure did! I'm calling it my fake iPhone, very different and I need a few more days of instructions to get the full usage, I think!

Going to the Sisters' market and a garage sale this morning, and a few oppys on the way home. Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day. I might see you at the Sisters Market. I have to pick up my dishcloths from Justine at Mixtape :)
Ann Marie x