Thursday, April 2, 2009

A bit more

Was pretty wrecked last night, but managed to sit through a bit of TV while I did my star (and the rest of the ironing!). I'm pretty happy with it, the next bit scares me, putting squares in the corners, lots of fiddling. The middle is a bit thick, but you can't notice here, I am a perfectionist but I also leave it if it only will make it worse!

I got this pile a while ago, but hadn't shown it off, what you can get for $1 at Vinnie's! (My $3 oilcloth tablecloth is still in constant use, I love it!). A packet of sewing needles is a great haul, as I break them a bit.

After a look around my house last night, I realised if someone broke in, I wouldn't know! It's a bomb site- too much sewing, not enough cleaning. I changed my sheets last night, pulling out a doona cover I hadn't used for a while, and the yucky musty smell has permeated through my bedroom, great. A dose of PMS combined with these issues has left me wanting to go back to said stinky bed and pull doona over my head, but I will tackle some cleaning first, then when my coffee wears off, have the nap. Then walk the dog, pick up child etc.....few, never ends!


Angie said...

It never ends.....that is exactly how I feel today!

Mistea said...

I can relate to the bomb site, I just figure if someone breaks in they will think someone beat them to it!! It is clean just not tidy