Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easy like a Sunday....

I've employed a button sorter, she works for chewing gum and often leaves the job half finished, but we are getting on ok.

I dropped into Spotlight to get some cotton/lycra for leggings, got some spotty stretch remnant, a cotton seersucker remnant (that is screaming out BAG to me), and a few buckles reduced. Oh, and the green magnet pin cushion, to go with the pink one! I LURVE these things, so cheap ($2.99 as opposed to the Clover $13) and great at finding strays on the floor (before the vacuum finds them).

I unpicked a cardigan AGAIN and started this pram cover, nice green and just what I feel like at the moment, over my fabric frenzy and either want to sew or knit, not sort and decide.

Mmm, comfort food, who would have thought cauliflower could taste good, with carrot, pasta and a white sauce.

Hope you had a relaxing, indulgent Sunday too!


Andi said...

Glad to see Little Miss has been put to work. I believe in starting them young!!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I didn't think of offering chewing gum as a reward for button sorting - genius!!