Sunday, April 5, 2009

Part 2

After the success of my bag, and having a calm child happy to let me sew for a change, I offered to make Little Miss a pinnie, coming into winter and all. It is my first 'made with an over locker' item, wow, no wonder it was done in a few hours!

The longest bit was her design on the front. I added the strip down the middle, and then she helped design the rest, right down to the size of the hearts and where she wanted them. I did some 'fancy' embellishing over the hearts with stitching, she was pretty impressed. Made a little mistake with the bias binding around the arms- anyone like it? May unpick the correct neckline and do it backwards too, why not? She is wearing it tonight to a sleepover. Have to remember not to use my bag at the same time!
Now the hardest thing is deciding what to make next- will be working on my quilt later during TV time, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and do the ironing!

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Cathy said...

that looks great - well done - I just love pinnies on little girls - brings back memories of when I used to wear them. Can't wait to see what you whip up next on your overlocker!