Friday, October 21, 2011

blogtoberfest day 21

I left it too late to post last night, so thought i'd better do it earlier tonight!

Thought i'd share my oppy gains I got today.

A vintage plate for $6....

to go with the smaller one I already had!

and.....ta da! 2 Jamie Oliver's hardcovers for $4.75 each. To add to the collection of cookbooks I might feel like using one day. At least 99% of them are op shopped!

A spot of oppying was what I needed after (gladly) joining in on Cam's roller coaster today- see over here for her amazing story, and over here to sign up to be one of the angels that gives life. (And tell your family too!)


Anonymous said...

Jealous of your Jamie finds! I'm never that lucky!

Jennie said...

Love the triangle plate. It's terrible being in lunchbreak opping competition with you!