Wednesday, October 5, 2011

blogtoberfest day 5

So after the success of my bathers attempt earlier I wanted to get a bit ,ore lycra to play around with.... being tricky stuff to sew and all.

So on a crappy day at work I headed in my lunch break over here.

I did have a reason though, I have a real custom order for a bather's set! I'll let you know how that goes. It's what the orange is for; but I have plenty left, so if these colours take your fancy and you want some age appropriate bather/togs/cossies/swimmers for you kids, send me an email!

Don't worry, there was always time to stop in at the oppy down the street and pick up this great sheet to go with this pattern. Nice!


Andi said...

Those fabrics look delicious.

Vic said...

I like the red with white circles! Maybe Punk will need some beccasauras bathers for her birthday...