Thursday, October 6, 2011

blogtoberfest day 6

Only day 6???I have heaps more still in me teehee

Today I got a sneaky oppy jaunt in, on the excuse of dropping some items left at work (babies clothes) 
I picked  up (clockwise) a new doggy blankie; vintage sheet top (after trying it on at home found it it was kid's size- ouch!); belt; 3/4 pants (had to go up in size- double ouch); and and a knit dress/top for the kid. 

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Jenifir said...

I got a little thrifting in today too but too late to photograph so I did an outfit post. The only clothes I bring home without trying first now need to be $2 or less or absolutely fabulous fabric than can be altered, re-made, etc. Too many ouches in my thrifting past. Keep going with Blogtoberfest -you inspired me.