Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 15 and 16

I was sure I posted last night, and yep, there it was, in drafts! Oops.
So here was last night's pic- Fabric Utopia commenced. what began as planks of wood and bricks has become....handmade shelves!!

And speaking of handmade- branching out and trying some..err, what's it called? I used to do it before I discovered blogging and sewing...err, cooking! Yep, I got the child to eat quiche by making a sun dried tomato, feta and olive quiche- she's already asked for some for lunch tomorrow.

Can't wait to try salmon and dill!


Andi said...

Wish my kids would eat any of: sundried tomato, feta or olive!!!
Your shelves are looking good but will look even better overflowing with fabric!!
Andi :-)

Unknown said...

That quiche looks very nice. I wish I could have some for my lunch too!