Monday, October 5, 2009

extra extra read all about it!

Maybe I will regret an extra post at the end of the month...maybe not and I have it stored up for the end of month....
Either way I have to show off 2 newbies- a 'back to school' hair tie, complete with Little Miss's favourite button

btw it was kept in the 'special box' for the first day, to be worn on the second day only (?)
and my apple brooch, which was actually a swing tag off a dress, and embellished by me. I love that my cat did the jump in the photo! I love you too, Acie-rama.

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Gina said...

So I'm thinking you could do a little tutorial on how to make he hair tie and pop it into the Sew Mama Sew scrap-busters month. It looks like a great use for scrap fabric! And you could win yourself a voucher... I've been reading along and looking at the tutes but nothing to contribute myself.