Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 30 Blogtoberfest

Are we the last or 2nd last day? Boohoo, I had fun! Especially today, a lunch with Cam and discovering new shops in my hood, such as here and this one at 52 Williamstown Rd Yarraville. Let's just say- felter's heaven!!
But let me back up a bit- last night at Perle 8's there was much oohing and ahhing over Cindy's scrap pile
and chuckling at Mary's mismatched seasons- are you hot or cold? But a great hat pattern by Nikki .

I was given some patterns I admired from Andi

I got some more to refill my stash at Salvos today

along with this pair of brand new pants- up to a size 14, so needed new 'fat' pants to lounge in with the warmer days.

and this great homemade dress. Just needs the seams over locked, and it's off for a soak. I love the tea towel look!

Back to the mags- a bit of eye candy (or knitting porn) for the fans.

If anyone could knit me this sweater, PLEASE let me know!

I would have begged someone to make me this way back when!

One word: therapy.

And how I wished single men would look.

Fun fun fun!


CurlyPops said...

Thanks for such a fun day out today!

Mistea said...

That sure is some Eye Candy - thanks for the memories - I grew up with some of those publications.

Snooze said...

Too funny.

Cath said...

I love the ciggas casually held in hand. Hope you had a top weekend :-)

Tania said...

See, now I've come over all overwhelmed by that sweater...