Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5

Still so much to say!
This subject is about something I love love love. Books. Books. Books Books Books.
Ahem, sorry, got distracted with how funny the word looks!
Anyway, I am a huge fan and if I ever have to move, I'll have to allow a whole day and a truck just to move the books! I'm usually not that bad at remembering where I see things, lately fatigue and busyness has left me a bit absentminded, so I can only give you the link:
Check it out, as it saves lots of online time- the ones I entered ended up being cheapest here.
There is something about the thrill of mail order, the quick ring of the doorbell as the postie runs off, leaving a box of goodness on the door.....
Deets of my giveaway later today.

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