Saturday, October 4, 2008


I decided doing 3 posts yesterday has caught me up, seeing as today is the 4th- right? So I was cruising through some old pics, tidying up on the computer a bit, and found some old craft projects. Here is my first cardie and hat ensemble I knitted for a friend's baby (who is modelling it). I love daisy stitches, and was pretty chuffed with it. In the same batch (ie a miscellaneous batch from Feb 06) I found some of my then 2 yr old, so cute! Being a mummy with her babies. The red polar fleece is still her favourite blanket, I blanket stitched the edges and sewed the lazy daisy's in the centre and on two corners. She still sleeps with it when she can!
The other one is my first ever quilt! My first craft I really got into was counted cross stitch. I started in high school, textiles and design class taught, I still have some unframed from that time. I found this Peter Rabbit one, the story of Peter Rabbit, and then cut up the squares and made them into a cot quilt. I did a second quilt later one with another Beatrix Potter story, there are a lot of them avalable through Green Apple. I found other crafts, though, and only got through 2!
And an awesome one of when tiredness takes over. I remember this day as the 'sturggle for a nap'. She wouldn't go for one, and cried and put up a stink- to then crash out as soon as my back was turned! She slept for ages like cute!
Off to bed, have been photgraphing/cataloguing all my craft books, will have something to post everyday, even if nothing happens!


Bec said...

Oh that last photo is just so gorgeous!! My two year old daughter does exactly the same thing. Some days she trots off for a nap as happy as larry, and other days she fights like there's no tomorrow, only to crash on the couch 5 minutes after I give up trying.....aaahhh the joys :P

laughing purple goldfish said...

your post reminded me about a Beatrix Potter cross stitch which I started on years ago... it's an alphabet sampler... and each letter of the alphabet has a Beatrix Potter character entwined around it... I started working on it as a gift when a close friend was pregnant... that 'baby' started high school this year!!! I really need to finish that project! but as you know... it is such s-l-o-w work