Monday, October 13, 2008

(Un) finished projects

Got my mojo back yesterday and hit the sewing machine, finished a few UFP's. Loved these tees I found, so turned them into more baby dresses/gowns (I have lots of friends up the duff). Pity is they turn out so cute i want to keep them!

Here's my favourite....
my friend gave me this tee to make her one for her friend, it's short sleeve as it was a girls short sleeve t- shirt, but figured it didn't matter as it was coming into summer
Cute little detail I left on the sleeve. Also didn't hem any edges, as it doesn't fray and it is the 'look' of the shirt.
Couldn't resist this one!
And i'm a big Mooks fan. As I said, trouble is me actually giving them away!
Have to make 2 pencil rolls fby the weekend for my sister-in-law to give as pressies, am using red as the main colour this time, already looking good!

And a get well soon message to my bro-in-law, who is having surgery for a kidney stone on Wed. Ow! Guys with kidney stones always get told the pain is equivalent to giving birth. Just what you want to hear. Get better soon!


Angie said...

great are going to love having an overlocker.
Just take some classes so you learn all the tricks. Also check out the libarary for this book

I've heard good things about it

Angie said...

p.s. have you thought of sellling these on etsy?

bec said...

The pattern was from a blog post, so I don't think I can sell them, only give them to friends. Would love to, though.

laughing purple goldfish said...

love the POISON one... fab-oh!

Angie said...

do you still have the pattern or link? You're right....they would make great gifts!