Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thought i'd post my own "on my desk", though this is my dining table. This is where all the craft/sewing stuff is dumped, as my dining room is my sewing room :) I have unpicked the spotted pants and am now trying to find a pattern to make something out of them. I also have a pile of ironed fat quarters, my sewing basket I have finished lining (to fill with stuff for tomorrow night at Threadden!), and under that more clothes I am picking apart for fabric. I found these patterns this morning at savers for $1 each, some cute kids ones. Not sure if the care Bear tracksuit one has the iron on trnsafer, but can't resist a tracksuit dress!
I checked out Forges at Footscray (or as I call it, Dimmeys!), they have a great Haby section now, I picked up one of these for $2.15. I'll give it a go, never have much luck with tailor's chalk.

Also checked out t-shirts in Savers. Found a red Dora one for my little miss, and a few for friends boys.
Also a pile of Bonds lycra ones (the non-strtch out of shape kind). These are the best at iron on pics and appliqued fronts, I find. Even an Osh kosh I may sew on.
Have had a lovely lazy day, off to a conference tomorrow for work, so am making the most of a child free day and have nana naps! Am getting my iron levels checked soon, though, as more nana naps than awake time at the moment, and not enough sewing being done!


Leaves of the family tree said...

Nice savers finds!

Kazza said...

Hi Bec I have the little tin for the faber textas. It is sooo cute a little truck. The hood opens up for rubbers, paper clips etc. I will post it a some stage if I remember. As an avid mender and refresher of fabric I like your point turner - very practical. Kaz