Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oppy Wednesday

The yucky virus has hit again, you feel ok for a while, then bang, you're out for another day or two. At least that's my experience. After a day in bed, I ventured out to have good fortune rain on me, from a Salvos shop- known as the most expensive, I grabbed a few definate bargains!

All these handmade doileys were in a little box (without a lid, never mind) for 50c! 12 all up.
A packet of brand new textas, for the Santa sack, for $1.50
Some belts. I have such trouble with my accessories, I'll never buy them new as I can't justify $30 or $40, but when they are $4 a pop, they are mine!This little bag will make a great pool or beach bag, it made a great "carry eberything home from the op shop" bag, I must say haha
And finally, op shop nirvana, second only to my Prada handbag find (which I don't believe I has posted, but will now) is the...Crumpler bag. $6.75. Gorgeous. Not my pick of colour, but that's what I love about op shops, they push you past what you would normally choose. Tossed up selling it, but will keep it and see if I use it, then if I don't, will pass it on. Kowing I couldn't afford one is an incentive to keep, I think!
As you can see, feeling much better after a shop!


Unknown said...

Great finds - I found some op shop bargains today as well, must've been a good day for it!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

i really love the belts, gorgeous colours too!